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Bookkeeping Services

For business up to date with their bookkeeping.  This includes accounts payable (entry, bill paying), Accounts receivable (entry, invoicing, deposits, collection) Sales tax processing, Bank reconciliations, Inventory management, Financial statement preparation & Other financial reporting

Catch-up Services

If you’re feeling disorganized and way behind on your financials, don’t sweat it. We can get your overdue books caught up and organized for you. 
Need more than two years of Catch Up Bookkeeping?
We specialized to get you caught up, no matter your business situation (or how far behind your books are).


Payroll Services

Don't need all a bookkeeper has to offer? No problem, hire us to just do your payroll. We will offer the same customized services to process your payroll weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Quickbook Services

We can help business with setup, QuickBooks training, QuickBooks tips and QuickBooks “quicktune” service (audit and fix of QuickBooks files)

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Virtual Controller/CFO

Need more than a bookkeeper? Can't afford to hire a Controller or CFO? Need help with budgeting, forecasting cashflow, analysis of key performance indicators (Metric Reporting), financial modelling, software review and research, financial management process creation or recreation.

Tax Services

We will prepare and file your personal, business and small corporate returns.  If required we will assist you with CRA issues.  If you are behind filing your taxes.  No problem we will get you all caught up.


Other Business Services

Customized services according to the individual clients needs. This includes administration services. Individual or group training for Excel, Quickbooks or Sage, etc.

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